La investigación muestra la Atención Formación Cools Inflamación

La inflamación atención plena Formación CoolsHay evidencia de que la meditación consciente puede mejorar la forma en que envejecemos e incluso luchar contra la enfermedad. Sin embargo, poco se sabe acerca de los cambios en el cerebro detrás de los efectos.

Haciendo un hábito de la atención plena, a un minuto a la vez

Haciendo un hábito de la atención plena, a un minuto a la vezMaking mindfulness a habit seems paradoxical: habits are things that we do automatically and with little attention, whereas mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment. Yet we can develop a habit of paying attention to the present.

Every Moment of Your Daily Life is a Meditation

Daily LifeYou will never be Jesus or Mother Teresa or Buddha or Pema Chodron or Buckminster Fuller or Eckhart Tolle (to name a few great teachers at random). You can only be yourself every moment. Discover who you are, and you find your own unique path along the way.

What Are Animals Inviting Us To Become?

What Are Animals Inviting Us To Become?If we look at human history, we find it replete with animals, in legend and lore. Beginning with the oldest cave paintings, and continuing into the print and electronic media of current times, animals are deeply embedded in our stories because they inform our ways of understanding the world. Since humanity’s beginnings, they have helped us to survive and thrive...

How to Make Mindfulness a Way of Life

How to Make Mindfulness a Way of LifeThe problem that many people have is their misconception of what leads to happiness. They usually point to their successful career, family, and material possessions as evidence of their happiness. But as you’ve probably realized by now, all these things are impermanent and bring only temporary pleasure.

How to Control Your Racing Mind to Attain Peace and Serenity

How to Control Your Racing Mind for Peace and SerenityIf your mind is always racing, then you're probably overwhelmed with activities, which are over-stimulating your mind. Your commitments take up every minute of your day; from the time you wake up, until the time you go to bed. Your mind never gets a rest, not even when you sleep.

Earth Angels: Exploring and Participating in the Fifth Dimension

Earth Angels: Exploring and Participating in the Fifth DimensionRegular science does not acknowledge the existence of a fifth dimension. In the hardcore factual world of science, there are only three dimensions of space: up/down, left/right, and forward/back. There is a fourth temporal dimension—that of time. However, things in the scientific world are changing.

If You Pause and Reflect, Are You A Modern Mystic?

Are You a Modern Mystic?Most people today cannot relate to mysticism at all, not even when it is described as an inner spiritual instinct. For this reason, I prefer to call those who do pause and reflect, listen, and connect spiritually (and keep as their main focus at all times that special inner Divinity innate to us all) modern mystics.

Is Life About Avoiding Misery or Creating Joy?

healing-is-revealingOur bodies, like our world, reflect our internal dynamics. If we have chaos within our consciousness, we have chaos within our bodies. We must clear out the fear and the junk we’ve carried around for years and learn again what it is to simply ser.

10 Steps to Finding True Inner Peace with Mindfulness Meditation

10 Steps to Finding True Inner Peace with Mindfulness MeditationIn today's world, many people are coming to the realization that searching for happiness through achievements and material possessions simply adds to their rising stress, only bringing them more chaos and unhappiness. As they are forced to re-evaluate the direction of their lives, they begin searching for an alternate road to happiness and inner peace.

Learning How to Listen: Listening Is Active, Not Passive

El escuchar es activo, no pasivoElliott Jaffa, Ed.D., a behavioral psychologist who conducts "active listening" seminars for businesses and other groups, says, "In reality, very few people really know how to listen. There's more to active listening than sitting back and letting your eardrum collect vibrations. When done properly, it's actually hard work..."